Market Wharf and Ferry Landing, Halifax, ca. 1835.
Watercolour by William Eagar
955.218.4 photo courtesy of the Royal Ontario Museum
© Royal Ontario Museum

The building at extreme left contained the County Court and the Exchange Coffee House. Next to it is the building erected in 1832 by the heirs of John Peeples Sr., which building would later become identified with Thomas Laidlaw.
     Immediately north of it (blocked in this view by the first mentioned structure) would be the Beamish house—where Louisa visited Thomas, his sisters, and his mother; where her father and the milk boy exchanged her notes for those of Harriet and Maria; and where, after her marriage in 1816, Louisa lived with Thomas.
     On the right is the Market House. Behind the building next to it would be the Market Wharf—previously called Beamish Wharf and before that Frederick's Wharf. It is now the Cable Wharf.
     A Photo of the Market in 1886 shows the site of the Beamish house.