The full text is as follows:

"Halifax, 29th March, 1869.

"The following Section of Chap. 85, of Act of 1861--and Section No.2 of the Thirty-third Ordinance of the City of Halifax--are published for the information of citizens.

"By order of the Stipendiary Nagistrate.


"City Clerk.



"1. The killing of Robins, Swallows, Sparrows, and other small Birds, and Birds of Song, which frequent the fields, and gardens, and the selling and offering for sale, and the having in possession of such birds, when killed, shall hereafter be unlawful.

"2. Every person offending against this Act, by the killing of any such birds, or the selling or offering for sale, or having in possession, of the dead bodies of any such birds, shall, for each offence, forfeit ONE DOLLAR, in addition to the sum of Ten Cents for each of such birds killed, sold, offered for sale, or had in possession, to be recovered by any one who will sue for the same, in the same manner as debts of a similar amount are now recoverable, and to be appropriated to the use of the prosecutor.


"Ordinance XXXIII.

"Section 2 Whoever shall kill any Robin within the limits of the City of Halifax, shall be liable for each offence to a fine of Five Shillings or imprisonment in the City Prison not to exceed one week; and any dead Robin exposed for sale, or being in the possession of any person, shall, whenever found, be seized by the Clerk of the Market or any of the City Constables, or by any person thereto authorized by the Mayor or an Alderman, and shall be placed at the disposal of the Commissioners of the Poor Asylum.

"march 29"

—Acadian Recorder, Fri., 2 April 1869.