Item 15

18 April 1828 - Release and Assignment: 1) Susan Wellner, wife of John WelIner of Halifax, Gentleman. 2) Henry Mottt, Esquire, and John Farquharson, Farmer, both of Dartmouth. 3) Stephen Collins, of Dartmouth, Farmer. [This indenture comes 11 months after Stephen Collins' house was burned to the ground, on 20 May 1827.]

Prenuptial trust deed of Susan Collins of 19 July 1825 referred to in detail (including reference to Mortgage deed of 25 June 1819).

Then: "The said Susan Wellner is now desirous of having the said Farm lots . . . set over to the said Stephen Collins . . . the said Stephen Collins having fully settled and accounted with the said Susan WelIner for the Principal money and Interest due." (It's apparent from the deed that follows that Stephen simply returned to Susan the south half of Colin Grove that had been bequeathed to her and Sally by their father Robert Collins in 1812--that piece of land and, possibly, a significant portion of his own inherited land, arguably in compensation for the interest owed on the mortgage.) (Bk. 53, p. 379)