Item 6 

2 Jan. 1811 (will made); 31 March 1812 (proved) - Will of Robert Collins: Everything to wife Sarah Collins during her life. Then:

"To my two Daughters Sally Collins and Sukey Collins the South half part of the Farm now occupied by me with the new Garden and half the Garden South of the House, and the large Meadow the North side of the main road fronting the West side of the Dwelling House. Also the North and South front parlours and East and West (South) Chambers with the use of the kitchen and main passage of the said House, and half the Cellar, with half the Barn and out-houses. I also give and bequeath to my said two daughters Sally Collins and Sukey Collins Six Cows, 1 Heifer, One Yearling, One Horse, and Fifteen Sheep with all the increase from said Stock, also whatever Sums or Sum of Money, Bonds, Book Debts and Notes I may die possessed of with the use of half the pasturage grounds of my said Estate, the Wood Land to be for the joint benefit of my said two Daughters and my Son Stephen Collins, with this injunction no Wood to be cut off for sale, and it is my further Will and pleasure that all roads, walk ways and water courses to be free for each other during their lives. The remainder and residue of my Real Estate, I give demise and bequeath to my Son Stephen Collins forever except the Five Hundred Acres of land at Owls Head, which I give, Demise and Bequeath to my said two Daughters Sally Collins and Sukey Collins forever.