Lawrence Street, #307
Dartmouth, NS
B2Y 3H7



Algonquians, Hurons and Iroquois
Champlain Explores America

The 1815 Diary of a Nova Scotia Farm Girl

The Letters of a Young Canadian Soldier During World War I
P. Winthrop McClare, of Mount Uniacke, N.S.

History of Halifax City
by Thomas B. Akins

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400th Anniversary
Father of Canada
On 26 May 1603
Samuel de Champlain
first set foot in what is now Canada
when his ship the Bonne-Renommée
reached Tadoussac on the Saint Lawrence.
This year, 2003, marks the 400th anniversary
of that historic event.
Read Champlain's own account in
Algonquians, Hurons and Iroquois
from which pp.199-206 have been excerpted.

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