Collins, Louisa 

Her Chores:

Carding, A26, 36, S12, N13, N15, N18, N21.

Churning and dairy, Al5, A30, S5 S8, S15, S20, S22, S24, S29, O6, O13, O20, O27, N3, N10, N17.

Housecleaning, A17, S2, S16, S23, S25, S30, O7, O14, O21, O28, N18, N28, N29.

Ironing, S15, O13. 

Knitting, S16, S20, O6, O23, N10, N20, N27, N28, N29, D4.

Mending, O14.

Milking, S3.

Picking berries, A17, A26, A30, S3, S5, S7, S16, s18, s26, O5, O21.

Picking currants, A14, Al5, A27, A28, S10, s18.

Picking peas and beans, A25, S1.

Preparing dinner, A27, S24.

Raking and making hay, Al5, A16, A28, A30, S2, S4, S8, S9, S21.

Sewing, A14, Al5, A30, A31, S1, S4, S6, S11, S15, O1, O22, O31, N6, N7, D4.

Spinning, A26, S5, S6, S12, S13, S15, S16, S18, S19, S20, S25, S26, S27, S29, O9, O10, O11, O16, O17, O19, O24, O25, O26, O27, O28, N1, N14, N15, N17, N20, N21, N22, N24.

Washing, S7, S14, S21, S28, O12, O23, N2, N10, N16.

Weaving?, N13, N14, N24.

Wine-making, A30.

Her Time Alone:

Loneliness, A16, A26, S3, S5, S6, S12, S13, S15, S17, S19, S20, S29, O10, O15, O22, O24, O25, N18, N21, N29, D24. 

Reading (the activity), S17, S24, O6, O10, O11, O12, O22, O31, N1, N2, N4, N5, N12, N20; (books), O6, O30, N12, N22, N25, D19.

Visiting her "bower," A26, S3, S8, O15, N9.

Writing (references to diary), A30, S2, S19, S25, S28, O1 (Oct. 4), O6, O13, O17, O23, N1; (notes to Harriet), Al5, A30, S3, S8, S15, S19, S25, S29, O12, O17, O22, O27, N2, N10, N17, N20, N24, D24, D30, J19; (poetry), O14, O15; (poetic thoughts and allusions), Al5, A25, A26, A28, S8, S16, O13, O14, O16. 

Her Time with Friends:

With Harriet (at Beamishes'), ca. A18-A25, O1-O4, O20, D5-D19; (at Colin Grove), O1, O4-O10, D2-D5

With Thomas (at Beamishes'), ca. A18-A25, O1-O4, O20, D5-D19; (at Colin Grove), A14, A27-A28, A30, S10-S11, S14, S17-S18, S24-S25, O1, O8-O9?, O16, O26, O29-O30, N5-N6, N9, N16-N17, N19, N26, D2-D3, D26-D27, J12-J13?, J19?-J20.

With Eliza (at the Colemans'), S22?, N8, D27-D30; (at Colin Grove), S9-S13, S26, 029-ca. N1, D25-D27.

With Maria (at Beamishes'), ca. A18-A25, 01-O4, O20, D5-D19; (at Colin Grove), O1, N5-N9, D2-D5.

With Joanna Brinley (at Colin Grove), S7, N3, N12, N13, J2, J8; (elsewhere), A17, A30, N1, 

With Sally Allen (at Colin Grove), S26, O19, N13, N19-N20, J2, J19; (elsewhere), A17, A30, O11, O13, N1, N12, N16.

With a group (at Colin Grove), A31, S26, O19, O29, N13, N19, N28, D2, D3, D31, J1, J2, J8; (elsewhere), A17, A30, S10, S11, O1, O5, O7, O8, O9, O11, O13, N1, N5, N8, N11, N12, N14, N16, N26, D26, J4, J12.

Her Life Outside the Diary:

Vital Statistics, A26n1.

After Colin Grove: see Afterword.