Index of Names

[Note: References are links either to diary entries (e.g., A27 for August 27; O14 for October 14) or to notes linked to diary entries (e.g., A27n3 or O14n2). Persons listed below who have no links to diary entries are not mentioned in the diary but are related--as parents or spouses--to persons mentioned.]

Akins, Elizabeth (King)

Akins, Margaret Ott (Beamish)

Akins, Mr. (Thomas)

Akins, Stephen

Akins, Thomas Beamish

Albro, Ann (Goreham)

Albro, Mr. (Samuel Jr.)

Albro, Mrs. (Mary Foster)

Albro, Samuel Sr.

Allen, Agnes (Richardson). See Richardson, Agnes.

Allen, Alexander

Allen, Ebenezer Jr.

Allen, Ebenezer King

Allen, Ebenezer Sr .

Allen, Edward

Allen, Edward, cousin of

Allen, Eliza

Allen, Elizabeth Semple. See Foster, Elizabeth Semple (Allen).

Allen, Elizabeth Wisdom (Greenwood). See Greenwood, Elizabeth Wisdom.

Allen, James Thomas

Allen, Joanna. See Brinley, Mrs.

Allen, Joanna Maria (Bayer). See Bayer, Joanna Maria.

Allen, John Jr.

Allen, John Jr., cousin of

Allen, John Sr., See Allen, Mr.

Allen, Margaret Tidmarsh

Allen, Mary. See Stayner, Mary (Allen).

Allen, Mary Stayner

Allen, Mercy. See Macy, Mercy (Allen).

Allen, Meribah (Frazier)

Allen, Miss E. (Eliza)

Allen, Miss S. (Sarah Ann)

Allen, Miss S., brother of

Allen, Mr. (John Sr.)

Allen, Mr. William (Sr.)

Allen, Mrs. (Sarah Stayner)

Allen, Mrs. at Mount Edward

Allen, Mrs. E. (Sarah King)

Allen, Mrs. W. (Rebecca Coleman)

Allen, Rebecca

Allen, Richard

Allen, Sally

Allen, Sarah Ann

Allen, William Jr.

Allen, William Sr .

Allen girls

Allens, "beaus"

Anderson, William

Balfour, Mary. See Brunton, Mary.

Bayer, Joanna Maria

Bayer, Mary (Stayner)

Bayer, Philip

Beamish, Amelia. See Beamish, Mrs.

Beamish, Charles Ott

Beamish, Elizabeth Ott. See Murdoch, Elizabeth Ott (Beamish).

Beamish, Frederick Ott

Beamish, Harriet

Beamish, John

Beamish, Louisa (Collins). See Collins, Louisa.

Beamish, Margaret Ott. See Akins, Margaret Ott (Beamish).

Beamish, Maria

Beamish, Mary (Good)

Beamish, Miss (Elizabeth)

Beamish, Mr. (Thomas Ott)

Beamish, Mrs. (Amelia Mason)

Beamish, Sarah Catherine Ott

Beamish, Thomas Ott. See Beamish, Mr.

Beamish, Thomas Sr .

Bell, George, Esq.

Bell, Sarah

Bembridge, Thomas

Bissett, Catharine. See Harper, Catharine (Bissett).

black girl

Blacklock, Eliza (Coleman). See Coleman, Eliza.

Blacklock, John


Blagden, Anne. See Prescott, Anne (Blagden).

Boggs, Dr. James

Boggs, Elizabeth. See Stuart, Mrs. (Elizabeth Boggs).

Boggs, Mary (Morris)


Bowes, Christian

Brinley, George

Brinley, Mary (Wentworth)

Brinley, Mrs. (Joanna Allen)

Brinley, William Birch

Bromley, Walter

Brunton, Mary

Candeach, Elizabeth (Farquharson). See Farquharson, E.

Candeach, William

Chamberlain, Editha (White)

Chamberlain, Lois. See Greenwood, Lois (Chamberlain).

Chamberlain, Theophilus

Chamberlayne, Mary. See Ingles, Mary (Chamberlayne).

Cleverley, Catherine. See Prescott, Mrs.

Cleverley, Rev.

Clifford, Aunt (Elizabeth Collins)

Clifford, Aunt, her girl and her girl's sister

Clifford, Elizabeth (Collins). See Clifford, Aunt.

Clifford, Georgiana (Collins). See Collins Georgiana.

Clifford, Herbert

Clifford, Hood McKenzie

Clifford, John D.

Coffin, Elizabeth. See Coleman, Aunt Elizabeth.

Coffin, Elizabeth (Starbuck)

Coffin, Mercy (Allen)

Coffin, Parnal (Gardner), "Grandmama"

Coffin, Phebe. See Collins, "Mama."

Coffin, Prince

Coffin, Reuben

Coffin, Susan

Coffin, Tristram

Cole, Jane. See Albro, Jane (Cole).

Coleman, Alexander

Coleman, Ann

Coleman, Ann (Story). See Story, Ann.

Coleman, Aunt Elizabeth (Coffin)

Coleman, Aunt Elizabeth, her "little one"

Coleman, Barnabas

Coleman, Deborah (Swain)

Coleman, Edmund Gardner

Coleman, Eliza

Coleman, Elizabeth (Coffin). See Coleman, Aunt Elizabeth (Coffin).

Coleman, Frederick

Coleman, George

Coleman, James

Coleman, Jane (Collins). See Collins, Jane.

Coleman, Jane (Story). See Story, Jane.

Coleman, John Brown Jr.

Coleman, John Brown Sr. See Coleman, Uncle John Brown.

Coleman, "little one"

Coleman, Mary

Coleman, Miss

Coleman, Mr. (Seth)

Coleman, Mr. W .

Coleman, Rachel (Hussey)

Coleman, Rebecca. See Allen, Mrs. W.

Coleman, Sarah (Bell). See Bell, Sarah.

Coleman, Seth. See Coleman, Mr.

Coleman, Susan (Coffin). See Coffin, Susan.

Coleman, Susanna. See Macy, Mrs.

Coleman, Uncle John Brown

Coleman, William (s/o John B.)

Coleman, William (s/o Seth)

Coleman boys, the two

Colemans, "beaus"

Collins, Betsy

Collins, Charlotte

Collins, Elizabeth. See Clifford, Aunt.

Collins, Georgiana (or "Georgenia," or "Georgina")

Collins, Jane

Collins, Joanna

Collins, Louisa

Collins, "Mama" (Phebe Coffin)

Collins, Mary Ann

Collins, Phebe (Coffin). See Collins, "Mama."

Collins, Phebe (Louisa's sister)

Collins, "Papa" (Stephen)

Collins, Robert

Collins, Sally, (Aunt)

Collins, Sarah (Wisdom)

Collins, Stephen. See Collins, "Papa."

Collins girls

Colley, George Wentworth

Colley, (mother of George Wentworth Colley)

Colly, "old" (possibly written "Cally" or "Colby")

Creighton, James Jr.

Creighton, James Sr.

Creighton, Nancy

Creighton, Sarah (Grassie). See Grassie, Miss Sarah.

D'anseville, Governor

De Wolfe, Lydia (Prescott). See Prescott, Lydia.

De Wolfe, William

Ede, Sarah. See Foster, Sarah (Ede).

Elliot, Almy (Greene)

Elliot, Ann (Coleman). See Coleman, Ann.

Elliot, Benjamin

Elliot, Charlotte (Collins). See Collins, Charlotte.

Elliot, Jane (Collins). See Collins, Jane.

Elliot, Jonathan Jr.

Elliot, Jonathan Sr.

Elliot, Stephen

Etter, Benjamin

Etter, Miss (Eliza)

Fairbanks, Anne (Prescott). See Prescott, Anne.

Fairbanks, John Eleazer (Hon.)

Farquhar, Jane (Farquharson). See Farquharson, Jane.

Farquhar, John

Farquharson, Alexander. See Farquharson, Mr. A.

Farquharson, E. (Elizabeth)

Farquharson, Isabella

Farquharson, Jane

Farquharson, John Jr .

Farquharson, John Sr. See Farquharson, Mr.

Farquharson, Margaret (Simpson). See Simpson, Margaret.

Farquharson, Mary (McNab). See McNab, Mary.

Farquharson, Miss

Farquharson, Mr. (John Sr.)

Farquharson, Mr. ("young Mr. F.")

Farquharson, Mr. A. (Alexander)

Farquharson, Mrs. (Isabella)

Farquharsons, the two Miss

Floyer, Margaret

Foster, Ann

Foster, Edward

Foster, Elizabeth Semple (Allen)

Foster, Jane

Foster, Mary. See Albro, Mrs.

Foster, Miss

Foster, Sarah (Ede)

Foster, William

Frazier, Meribah. See Allen, Meribah (Frazier).

Frost, David

Frost, Mrs. (Sarah Harper)

Gardner, Parnal. See Coffin, Parnal (Gardner).

George III

Gerrish, Joseph

Gerrish, Mary. See Gray, Mary (Gerrish).

girl, Aunt Clifford's g. and her sister

girl, Mrs. Beamish's black g.

Good, Mary. See Beamish, Mary (Good).

Goreham, Ann. See Albro, Ann (Goreham).

Goreham, William

"Grandmama." See Coffin, Parnal (Gardner).

Grassie, George

Grassie, Miss Sarah

Gray, Benjamin Gerrish

Gray, Joseph

Gray, Lydia Hancock. See Potts, Mrs.

Gray, Mary (Gerrish)

Greene, Almy. See Elliot, Almy (Greene). See also Russell, Almy (Greene).

Greenwood, Elizabeth Wisdom

Greenwood, John Ventiman Jr.

Greenwood, John Ventiman Sr.

Greenwood, Lois (Chamberlain)

Greenwood, Mary (Young)

Greenwood, Sally (Allen). See Allen, Sally.

Greenwood, Samuel Jr.

Harper, Catharine (Bissett)

Harper, George

Hartshorne, Hannah. See Ingles, Hannah (Hartshorne).

Hartshorne, Lawrence Sr .

Hartshorne, Robert

Hofland, Barbara

Hoole, Barbara. See Hofland, Barbara.

Hosterman, Eliza (Etter). See Etter, Miss.

Hosterman, Thomas. See also Osterman.

Howland, Elizabeth. See Swain, Elizabeth (Howland).

Hughes, Edward

Hughes, Mrs. (Rebecca Potter)

Hunter, Agnes

Hunter, Jane

Hunter, John

Hussey, Alexander

Hussey, Elizabeth (Macy). See Macy, Miss.

Hussey, Rachel. See Coleman, Rachel (Hussey).


Ingles, Charles. See Ingles, Mr.

Ingles, Hannah (Hartshorne)

Ingles, Mary (Chamberlayne)

Ingles, Mr. (Rev. Charles)

Ingles, Rev. Anthony

Ingles, Rev. Henry

Inglis, Bishop Charles

Katzman, Christian Conrad Casper

Katzman, Martha (Prescott). See Prescott, Martha.

Katzman, Mary Jane

King, Edward

King, Elizabeth. See Akins, Elizabeth (King).

King, Sarah. See Allen, Mrs. E.

King, Susanna (Stayner)

Lawson, Ann (Foster). See Foster, Ann.

Lawson, G. P.

Lawson, Mary Jane (Katzman). See Katzman, Mary Jane.

McHarron, Captain

McNab, Isabella (Farquharson). See Farquharson, Isabella.

McNab, James

McNab, Mary

McNab, Peter

Macy, Edmund

Macy, Elizabeth. See Macy, Miss.

Macy, Mercy (Allen)

Macy, Miss (Elizabeth)

Macy, Mrs. (Susanna Coleman)

Macy, Stephen

Macy, Susanna (Coleman). See Macy, Mrs.

Maitland, Captain

"Mama." See Collins, "Mama."

Mansfield, Isaac

Mansfield, Miss

Mansfield, Sarah

Mason, Amelia. See Beamish, Amelia (Mason).

Mason, Charles

Mason, Margaret

Mather, Sarah. See Stayner, Sarah (Mather).

Melville, Herman

Milk boy

Morris, Mary. See Boggs, Mary (Morris).

Mott, Elizabeth (Prescott). See Prescott, Betsy.

Mott, Henry Yeomans

Murdoch, Andrew

Murdoch, Beamish

Murdoch, Elizabeth Ott (Beamish)

Napoleon. See Bonaparte

Old man, our

Old people, the two old people

Old Skinner (Shiner?)

Osburn, Captain

Osburn, Mr.

Osburn, Mrs.

Osterman, Mr., See also Hosterman.

Ott, Frederick

"Papa." See Collins, "Papa."

Patrick, Saint

Post boy

Potter, Rebecca. See Hughes, Mrs.

Potts, Edward

Potts, Edward H.

Potts, Mrs. (Lydia Hancock Gray)

Prescott, Anne

Prescott, Anne (Blagden)

Prescott, Betsy

Prescott, Charlotte

Prescott, Elizabeth. See Prescott, Betsy.

Prescott, Jonathan

Prescott, Lydia

Prescott, Martha. See Prescott, Patty.

Prescott, Mr. (John)

Prescott, Mrs. (Catherine Cleverley)

Prescott, Patty

Prescotts, the Miss

Reeves, Mary Ann (Collins). See Collins, Mary Ann.

Reeves, William H

Richardson, Agnes

Richardson, R.

Rogers, Samuel

Russell, Almy (Greene). See also Elliot, Almy (Greene).

Russell, Mary

Russell, Mr. (Nathaniel)

Ryan, John

Ryan, Leah

Salter. See also Murdoch, Beamish.

Salter, John F.

Seavers, Charles

Seavers, Sarah (Mansfield). See Mansfield, Sarah.



Shiner?, "old." See Old Skinner.

Simpson, Margaret

Skinner, "old." See Old Skinner.

Starbuck, Elizabeth. See Coffin, Elizabeth (Starbuck).

Stayner, Agnes (Hunter). See Hunter, Agnes.

Stayner, Ebenezer

Stayner, John

Stayner, John Jr.

Stayner, Leah (Ryan). See Ryan, Leah.

Stayner, Louisa (Sutherland). See Sutherland, Louisa.

Stayner, Mary. See Bayer, Mary (Stayner).

Stayner, Mary (Allen)

Stayner, Richard

Stayner, Samuel Mather

Stayner, Sarah. See Allen, Mrs.

Stayner, Sarah (Mather)

Stayner, Susanna. See King, Susanna (Stayner).

Stayner, Susanna King. See Thompson, Susanna King (Stayner).

Stayner, Thomas Allen

Stayners, "beaus"

Story, Ann

Story, Jane

Story, Marshall

Stuart, Mr. (John)

Stuart, Mrs. (Elizabeth Boggs)

Sutherland, Daniel

Sutherland, Louisa

Swansea, Miss

Swain, Deborah. See Coleman, Deborah (Swain).

Swain, Elizabeth (Howland)

Swain, Reuben

Thompson, George

Thompson, Mrs. (Susanna King Stayner)

Tremaine, Jonathan

Weeks, Rev.

Wentworth, Elizabeth

Wentworth, Lady Frances

Wentworth, Mary. See Brinley, Mary (Wentworth).

Wentworth, Samuel

Wentworth, Sir John

Westphal, George Sr.

Westphal, Philip

Westphal, Sir George

White, Editha. See Chamberlain, Editha (White).

Willis, Rev.

Wisdom, Sarah. See Collins, Sarah (Wisdom).

Wreaks, Barbara. See Hof land, Barbara.

Young, Mary. See Greenwood, Mary (Young).

Young gentleman at Mount Edward , the. See also Allen, William Jr.

Young gentlemen