Was Robert Collins raised in Halifax?

There are some grounds for believing that Robert Collins came to Halifax within the first couple of years of the town's founding. In his will (made 1811), the fact that he declares he is "of Halifax . . . and now residing in Dartmouth" suggests that, despite his living in the latter place (i.e., at Colin Grove) for perhaps as long as the last 27 years, he still considers himself a Haligonian. Such an identification with Halifax on his part, one is inclined to believe, would best be explained by assuming that he was raised there from an early age--for only in that way could he have spent enough years there to rival and exceed the years he spent in Dartmouth.

Moreover, if he wasn't brought up in Halifax--if, for example, he came to Halifax only a year or two before his wedding day--wouldn't he in his will be much more inclined to mention his place of birth instead of saying he was "of Halifax."