Robert Collins's associates in Halifax:

If Robert was orphaned at an early age, it is conceivable that he was brought up in a family related to his or in one that had been on terms of close friendship with his. The persons who seem to have been his closest friends during his adult years in Halifax are Daniel Shatford, gentleman and schoolmaster; James Wakefield, painter and glazier and Shatford's stepson; John Lawson, gentleman and merchant and Shatford's son-in-law; John Paget, watchmaker and silversmith, after whom Collins named a son; William Lawlor, painter and glazier and brother-in-law of Paget; Provo F. Wallis, a senior clerk at the Halifax Naval Yard, Lawlor's son-in-law, and father of Admiral Sir Provo William Parry Wallis; and Stephen Wisdom Jr., mariner, evidently Robert Collins' brother-in-law.