Robert Collins's Land in Halifax:

On 19 Sept. 1770, Robert Collins purchased his first recorded piece of land in the Halifax area, a half lot on the east side of Barrington St. between Sackville and Prince Streets. Purchased from Daniel Shatford, it was the north half of a lot of which the south half had been sold "with the building thereon" by Shatford to James Wakefield in 1760. Shatford's house was on the lot south of and adjacent to these two half lots, a house that had belonged to Joseph Wakefield, his wife's previous husband. on the following day, Robert Collins bought James Wakefield's half lot.

It is possible that James left Halifax at this point to farm the lot that would eventually become Colin Grove, for James had been the original grantee of that property in 1765 and he held it until 1783. It is assumed that Robert, in the meantime, settled at Barrington St. next to Daniel Shatford on the lots he had purchased--until shortly after 9 May 1780 when he made a large investment of 666 pounds into property at the northeast corner of Granville and George Streets, property he would later rent to Lawrence Hartshorne (Akins, p. 95, has him there as early as 1788), who would occupy it for a number of years as his place of business, eventually, in 1800, purchasing it from Collins for 1530 pounds. It was in front of this building, on George St., that "Hartshorne's Platform" was erected, the platform which was "the resort of merchants and others who congregated there in the mornings for a short walk and to talk over the news." (Akins, p. 197)