Description of MS

The fragment of Louisa's diary consists of 24 pages: each page, measured at 19.8 cm in width and 25 cm in height, contains up to five entries written on unlined paper in a small, often hard to read hand which leaves no margins at the sides or top and only the occasional margin (of up to no more than an inch) at the bottom--with the exception of the last page, which has a margin at the bottom of about three inches, suggesting either an ending or a deliberate break.

The fragment has no covers, consists simply of 10 separate leaves and one double leaf at the very center of the fragment (pp. 11-14). On careful examination, one can be virtually certain that the 10 separate leaves were originally five double leaves and that the six double leaves, one within the other, formed a quire (a kind of writing booklet) or part of a quire. If the quire is complete-i.e., if no pages (likely at least a whole double leaf) are missing from it--then it seems Louisa would have completed a quire on the very day she started this one. It's even possible that she filled other quires before that one and still others after the present one.