Work Completed

From that point of view, it is evident that she speaks of work--work completed--with a certain degree of pride and with a certain sense of accomplishment.
I have been picking currants from nine this morning till four this afternoon. We have got a large washing-tub full for wine. -- Since, I have been raking hay till nearly night. (A28)
Such a sense of accomplishment may be most fully conveyed by her frequent use of the adjective "busy" emphasized by the adverb "very."
This has been a very busy day with me and all--we had our house to clean all over after the rain, and since ten o'clock I have been making hay till quite dark. (S2)
And by the happy fatigue she reports at the end of one very active day.
We have had a fine day today. I shall retire early tonight, for I feel quite tired after my day's work, and call for nature's sweet restorer, balmly sleep--how refreshing are thy downy pinions to the toiling labourer who lays him down in peace, where no grisly phantom haunts his brain of some black and guilty deeds. (A15)