This has been rather a cheerless day with me. --My morning was spent sitting at my window watching the passengers travel up and down. (Sun., O15)

This has been a gloomy day; no person has been here.-- It rained in the morning, and the afternoon was very dull. . . . --I have had nothing to read today but the newspaper, which is very dry. --I have spent all my day in my own room at my window, except going down to dinner. I shall retire early tonight to kill time. (Sun., O22)

Even at the end of a busy Friday, it seems it's boredom as much as fatigue that makes her anxious to see the day come to an end.
This has been a rainy day, and everything is very dull this time of year. -- The evenings now seem longer than the days. I have been sitting knitting and watching the time for nine o'clock to retire for the night. (N10)