Robert Collins and Colin Grove

Louisa's father was the son of Robert Collins, mason, and of Sarah (Wisdom) Collins--who were married in Halifax in 1767. Louisa's mother, when a young girl, had come from Nantucket with the Quaker whaling group that started setting up a whaling operation in Dartmouth in 1785. Phebe Collins was the daughter of Reuben and Parnal (Gardner) Coffin.

Louisa was born around 1796-the actual date is unknown because the records which very likely recorded her baptism, those for some of the early years of St. John's parish (which served the townships of Dartmouth, Preston, and Lawrencetown), are not extant. For more see under A26n1.

Colin Grove was a 300 acre farm situated at Breakheart Hill on the north side of the road leading from Dartmouth to Cole Harbour. Today it would be within the limits of the City of Dartmouth, but in 1815 it was more than two miles east of the tiny town of Dartmouth though it was well within the township of Dartmouth-which latter fact is the reason why Louisa's father and grandfather and their neighbours would often refer to themselves as being "of Dartmouth." The township of Dartmouth extended two or three miles beyond Colin Grove to the shores of Cole Harbour and thus included the farming community called " Cole Harbour" which ran from Colin Grove to that body of water.

Colin Grove had been purchased by Louisa's grandfather Robert Collins in two transactions made in 1784. The two lots were originally one lot (along with a third, smaller piece that went to the south side of the Cole Harbour Road when a new section of that road was cut). The original lot was No. 3 of six 500 acre lots at Cole Harbour granted in 1765 to Benjamin Green Jr., Frederick Ott, and others.

Before purchasing Lot 3, Robert Collins had lived in Halifax and worked there as a mason. There are records showing that he had been contracted to do work on "the Province House and other Public Buildings" as well as on the Governor's North Farm. He was married in Halifax in 1767.

According to Punch, Robert Collins was born in Boston ca. 1743/44, the son of Robert Collins and Sarah (Shattock) Collins; his wife was Sarah Wisdom (b. ca 1747, d. 1812), daughter of Stephen and Margaret (d. 1757) Wisdom and sister of Stephen Wisdom, who in 1770 married Elizabeth Gardner. Beyond the facts of his birth as given, nothing further is known of Robert Collins--or his wife--prior to their marriage in Halifax in 1767. More