In her outpouring about sleep ( A15 )

the only part traceable to Edward Young's Night Thoughts is the phrase "nature's sweet restorer, balmly sleep--which in Young is "Tir'd Nature's sweet restorer, balmy Sleep!" (See A15n6 .) What she goes on to say and what he goes on to say (despite the obvious echo of his "downy pinion" in her "downy pinions") are similar in subject matter only; they are quite different in focus. Louisa emphasizes that sleep brings peace to the labourer, implying it is because he both works hard and has a good conscience. Young says that sleep favours the fortunate and gives evidence that he does not belong to that group-but at no point does he say it is because he has a bad conscience.

No clear source for the bulk of this poetic flight of Louisa has been identified.