It is mentioned by Louisa on 25 occasions.

Taking tea at Colin Grove: Mr. Beamish (Al4), Mrs. Allen (A17), Mrs. Brinley (S7), Eliza Allen and Sally Allen (S26), Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Allen (s30), Mrs. Brinley (N3), Sally Allen (N19), Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Potts, and Sarah Ann Allen (D3), Mr. Allen (D31), Mrs. Brinley and Sally Allen (J2).

Taking tea elsewhere: Louisa, at Mrs. Allen's (A30); Charlotte, at Sarah Ann Allen's (S20); Mrs. Collins (Mama), at Mrs. Albro's (S27); Mama, at Mrs. Allen's (S28); Louisa, Harriet, Maria, at Shefrow's (O1); Harriet, Betsy, Charlotte, Louisa, at Aunt Coleman's (O5); Betsy, Harriet, Louisa, at Prescotts' (O7); Harriet, Betsy, Louisa, Thomas, at Stuarts' (O8); Harriet, Charlotte, Louisa, at Farquharsons' (O9); Louisa, at Allens' (O11); Mama and Grandinama, at Mrs. Allen's (O19); Betsy and Eliza, at Mrs. W. Allen's (O31); Maria, Betsy, and Louisa, at Eliza Coleman's (N8); Betsy and Charlotte, at Allens' (N16); Louisa, at Mrs. Allen's with Charlotte (N26); Louisa, at Mrs. Allen's (J4).