Spending the evening at Colin Grove:

The Miss Prescotts, Aunt Sally, Jonathan (A31); Miss Macy, Mary, Eliza, Eliza Allen, and Sally (S26); the two Miss Farquharsons, Sally, Edward, Edward's cousin, and young Mr. F. (O19); Eliza, George, and James Coleman, and John Allen's cousin William (O29); Mr. and Mrs. Allen (N5); Mrs. Brinley, Sally, Edward (N13); George Coleman, Sally Allen (N19); George Coleman, E. Coleman, E. Allen (N28); the Allen girls, Harriet, Maria, Mr. Beamish, and others (D2); William Coleman, George, James (J1); Mrs. Brinley, Sally, Edward (J2); the Miss Prescotts, Mrs. Brinley (J8).

Spending the evening elsewhere:

Louisa, Charlotte, Mrs. Allen, Sally, Mrs. Brinley, at Mount Edward and at Mrs. Potts' (A30); George Coleman, Eliza, Charlotte, Betsy, Mary Ann, at Mrs. Allen's (S10); Louisa and Sally, at Mrs. Potts' or at Mrs. Allen's (O11); Sally, Charlotte, Louisa, at Mrs. Allen's at Mount Edward (O13); Charlotte, Louisa, Miss Fargaharson, Mrs. Brinley, at Mrs. Allen's (N1); Louisa, Mrs. Brinley, at Mrs. Allen's (N12); Betsy, Charlotte, Louisa, Eliza and her two brothers, Miss S. Allen and her brother, at Mrs. Allen's (N12); Mama and Papa, at Mrs. Allen's (N13); Charlotte, Louisa, Mrs. Brinley, Sally, Miss Macy, Miss Coleman, Miss Foster, Miss E. Allen, "and all the young gentlemen," at Mrs. Eben Allen's (N14); Mr. Beamish, Louisa, Betsy, Charlotte, at Mrs. Allen's (N16); Mrs. Potts, Mr. Albro, Mr. W. Coleman, and prob. Charlotte and Louisa, at Mrs. Allen's (N26); Ball at Mount Edward (D26); Allen, Stayner, and Coleman "beaus," Betsy, Charlotte, and others, at Colin Grove and then at Mrs. Allen's for evening (D31); Louisa, Betsy, E. Farquharson, Mrs. Brinley, at Mrs. Allen's (J4); Betsy, Charlotte, Mr. Beamish, Louisa, at Farquharsons' (J12).