Of these, walking comes up most frequently.
For walking, see A14, A16, A27, S7, S11, S24, Ol ("We spent our day sewing and walking"), Ol (for Oct. 2: "Monday morning and we spent the most of our day walking"), O5 ("And after dinner Harriet, Betsy, Charlotte, and myself walked to Dartmouth to tea at Aunt's"), O5 ("We took a walk up the road a little way before tea"), O6 ("The weather has been rather dull today, which prevented us from taking a walk"), O7, O8 ("Harriet and Betsy rode, and Mr. Beamish and me walked"), O9, O13, N5, N8, N19, N26.

For dancing, see S11 , O19 , N14 , D2 , D27 ; for singing, S11 , N14 ; for backgammon, N1 , N12, N13 , N16, J4 ; "Blindman's Buff,"N14 , J4 ; "Cat Catch the Rat," N12; riding, O8 , N9 ; sleigh riding , J12; sliding, D27, J8; romping, A30 (for Aug. 29), S12, S13 , D4 .