I have returned from town today with Mr. Beamish. I have been spending a week with his mother and sisters. ( A25 )
When, in reporting a later visit, Louisa says she went to town "with the girls," she very likely isn't talking about her sisters but about Harriet and Maria Beamish, with whom she would be staying in Halifax.
Went to town the 5 with the girls and returned home today, the 19. I spent my time very pleasantly. The stillness of Colin Grove seems quite strange to me after the noise and bustle of Halifax. (D19 )
Just prior to this visit, Harriet and Maria had been spending some time (Dec. 2-5) at Colin Grove. This was the procedure followed in the fall when Louisa spent Oct. 1-4 with them in Halifax. They had come over to spend Oct. 1 at Colin Grove and when they returned in the evening, Louisa went with them.
Sunday morning the girls came up and dined with us--Harriet and Maria, Mr. Beamish and Salter. We spent our day sewing and walking. I went home with the girls. (O1)

[Note Louisa's slip.]

When Louisa returns to Colin Grove on Oct. 4, Harriet comes over with her and visits till Oct. 10. When Harriet returns to Halifax, Louisa's sister Betsy returns with her and stays with the Beamishes till Oct. 17.

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