The word "church" comes up on only three occasions:

( N19, N26 , D3 ) when there is mention of services held in Dartmouth. On the first two, Papa attends ; on the third, Louisa attends with Harriet and Mr.Beamish.

God is mentioned only once in the diary--in an allusion to Pope's Essay on Man. O13

"Prayer" is mentioned once, in connection with Mr. Beamish, who is attending the fair in Windsor.

It is now quite late and I must prepare for bed with the sincere prayer for my distant friend. O11
"Heaven" is mentioned once too--again in a prayer for Thomas, who having visited Colin Grove for the day is headed back across the Harbour.
I hope my friend Thomas is near his journey's end, for the night looks very dark. How often do I wish there was a bridge across the Harbour that I might see my friends without any danger. . . . I now hear the ferry horn blowing and the night is very dark, which makes it sound quite melancholy. -- Heaven grant that my friend may get over safe. A30