Endorsements and Links to Louisa's World

I. High Praise:

1.  Britannica.com. Citation. Four Stars.

2.  Wichita Falls Public Library Prothro Genealogy Research Center
     Louisa's World: the 1815 Diary of a Nova Scotia Farm Girl - This site  illustrates
     the true contribution hypertext makes to family history.  The Web at its  best!

3.  Internet Resources (College and Research Libraries News) June 1999
     Louisa’s World. This well-done site brings together an original manuscript diary
     with links to the supporting documents. A great example of how the Web will allow
     librarians to make their collections more accessible.

4.  Digital Librarian: Genealogy - A librarian's choice of the best of the Web

5.  Charlene's Special
    An extraordinary website. Extremely well-crafted.

6.  Resources for Writers
    Diary of a Nova Scotia Farm Girl Louisa Collins, of Colin Grove, Dartmouth ...
     is  a family history site and a Look at Country Life in the Regency Period.
     See the links  "Intro," "Diary," and "Afterword" as good samples of writing.

7.  Article - Journals & Diaries - Part I - East Coast Kin
     There are so many delightful entries in Louisa’s diary, it is difficult to cite only a few.
     …Edited and extensively annotated by Dale McClare, this charming book is jam-packed
     with fascinating substantiating details and is almost impossible to put down.

8.  Journals
     Absolutely charming. Perhaps the oldest recorded diary on the Internet.

II. Universities:

1.  Southwest State University, Marshall, Minnesota

2.  Voice of the Shuttle: History Page (University of California at Santa Barbara)

3.  Electronic books (Seneca College)

4.  Modern: Diaries, Letters, and related materials (University of York, England)

5.  Acadia University - History2433 Women in Canada 1500-1867)

6.  Genealogy Resources on the Internet - WWW/Canada (University of Michigan)

7.  Threads of Change in ELAR

III. Internet Picks:

1.  Site du Jour of the Day - July 1998

2.  What's New With the Genealogy Home Page January-June, 1997

3.  What's New - January 8, 2001 (under Some American History Resources)

4.  Prior Cool Canadian Sites of the Day

5.  Yahoo! Canada Picks of the Week

IV. Women’s Groups:

1.  Adriana Craciun-- Women Romantic Writers

2.  Women’s International History Resources

3.  Stories and Journals up from the 19th Cnetury

4.  Women's Links

5.  Websites on Egodocuments and Autobiography

6.  Backflip Publisher: vbagwell | Folder: 19th Century

7.  Literature: Mainly Regency

8.  Jessamyn's Regency Costume Links

9.  Black Stump Women

V. National Sites - Canada:

1.  National Library of Canada

2.  Civilization.ca (Museum of Civilization)

3.  Canada Special

4.  Historica

5.  Holisticopia: Nova Scotia history

6.  Canada Information Page

7.  Maplesquare - Culture and Society - History

8.  Canadian History

9.  Canadian Geographic-History

10. Canadian History on the Web

11. Clifton's Corner

VI. Nova Scotia Sites:

1.  Blupete's Nova Scotia History Books (under Collins, Louisa)

2.  Nova Scotia at the JumpZone

3.  Nova Scotia Online: Shopping : Bookstores

VII. Schooling:

1.  Nova Scotia Provincial unit study - facts and symbols

2.  Shepherd Junior HS, Mesa, Arizona: World History

3.  Pullman Kids: Geography: Canada: Nova Scotia

4.  Kingston Public Library

5.  The Making Of Canada  (Durham District School Board, Ontario -Part of Curriculum)

6.  Nieworld: Army of Two

7.  Sympatico Discover Learning - Nova Scotia Linxs

VIII. Genealogy

1.  The Genealogy Forum: Internet Center: Nova Scotia Personal Homepages

2.  General Links - HalifaxCountyNSGenWeb

3.  Family/Personal Genealogy Pages, January-June, 1997

4.  Nova Scotia Sights and Sounds

5.  Listings Nova Scotia: Society: Genealogy

6.  Canadian Genealogy and History Links - Nova Scotia

7.  My Family

8.  Chamberlain Family

9.  Cyndi's List - Canada - Nova Scotia

10. Genealogical Gateway to the Web

11. Aladin's Genie-alogie