Stephen Collins, aged 42.

B. 18 Nov. 1772 at Halifax, oldest son of Robert and Sarah (Wisdom) Collins, of Halifax and Colin Grove. M. 17 April 1794 at Dartmouth to Phebe Coffin, b. 1777, dau. of Reuben and Parnal (Gardner) Coffin, of Nantucket and Dartmouth. (D. 1 Sept. 1831 at Brook House.)

It being Wednesday, Stephen Collins would be returning from the market in Halifax (see A15n4 ). It is very likely he would have met with Mrs. Beamish at the Beamish home, it being very close to the market and evidently often visited by him--if one can judge from the fact that he regularly takes with him to Halifax Louisa's notes to Harriet and regularly (as instanced today) brings to Colin Grove Harriet's notes to Louisa. The Beamish home is on Water Street, just north of the building that is at the northeast corner of Water and George Streets; the market building is at the southwest corner of the same intersection. As heirs of Frederick Ott, Thomas Ott Beamish and his siblings, or their heirs (see O8n4), own other properties in the area, the most notable being the wharf and buildings extending eastward from the end of George Street (i.e., at Water Street)--which wharf has been known successively as "Frederick's Wharf" (after Frederick Ott), "Beamish's Wharf," and lately "Market Wharf." This most recent name may owe its currency to the fact that title to the wharf has been contested by James and William Cochran in the Court of Chancery during the past 13 years (in a case that will drag on for another five years to 1820, when a final judgment, generally favourable to the heirs of Frederick Ott, will be promulgated in distant London as an order in council).

(For a near contemporary depiction of the market area showing the market, the building at the head of Market Wharf, and the building just south of the Beamish house, see Market and Ferry Slip, Halifax --made ca.1835.