Joanna (Allen) Brinley, aged 21.

B. 18 Nov. 1793, dau. of John and Sarah (Stayner) Allen. M. 1 Feb. 1810 to William Birch Brinley (b. ca.1771, d. by suicide 12 June 1812), son of George Brinley, a Boston Loyalist, later Commissary General of B.N.A. at Halifax, and of Mary (Wentworth) Brinley, dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth Wentworth and cousin of Sir John Wentworth as well as sister of Lady Wentworth. William and Joanna lived at Mount Edward, the well-known estate on the Old Preston Road, less than half a mile east of John Allen's tanyard. Judging from Louisa's statement that they all went "up there with her," it appears that Joanna Brinley is still living at Mount Edward. (M. secondly 15 Aug. 1832, as his second wife, to the Hon. S.G.W. Archibald--b. ca.1777, d. 28 Jan. 1846--one of the leading figures in the political life of Nova Scotia. D. 15 Jan. 1862 at Pisa, Italy.)

Painting of Joanna Brinley :