In the MS the section between the "g" and the "ts" has been torn away.

Also, the final word of the sentence, taken to be "cream," is not at all certain. In spite of these difficulties (or perhaps because of them) one feels compelled to make sense of the line. Possibly Louisa is saying, "and got fruits and cream" or "and got currants and cream."

"Fruits and cream" is a simple dish mentioned by Mrs. Radcliffe inThe Mysteries of Udolpho :

"To this spot he had been attached from his infancy. He had often made excursions to it when a boy, and the impressions of delight given to his mind by the homely kindness of the grey-headed peasant, to whom it was intrusted, and whose fruit and cream never failed, had not been obliterated by succeeding circumstances." (p.2)

"When the moon shed her soft rays among the foliage, he still lingered, and his pastoral supper of cream and fruits was often spread beneath it." (p.5)

It seems likely that Louisa would have read this novel. (See O16n3 .)