Daughters of Stephen and Phebe (Coffin) Collins:

1) Betsy Clifford Collins, aged ca. 20.

Bapt. 13 Jan. 1795. (D. 19 Feb. 1874, unm.)

2) Louisa Sarah Collins, aged ca. 18. B. ca. 1796.

Concerning Louisa's date of birth, perhaps the only sure statement that can be made is that as second daughter she was born after Betsy (who likely was born in Jan., 1795, the 17th of that month coming exactly nine months after her parents' wedding day) and before Charlotte, the third daughter, who was born 8 July 1799. Calculations based on Louisa's given age at the time of her death would place her date of birth between 2 April 1796 and 2 April 1797. The problem with this is that her grandfather Robert Collins, who kept a diary in 1796 and 1797, doesn't make mention of her birth--even though evidence from the same diary suggests it is the type of event he wouldn't fail to report, especially since it seems virtually certain that Louisa would have been born at his Colin Grove farm. Eccept for two gaps, his diary is continuous from 1 April 1796 to 16 July 1798. The gaps (each resulting from the loss or removal of one page) are from 12 to 31 Dec., 1796, and from 20 Aug. to 3 Sept., 1797. It is possible that Louisa's birth was recorded on one of these missing pages and that the page was removed years later by her or by a relative for a kind of souvenir. If so, that page is more likely the earlier one than the later one, the dates of the later page being outside the time of Louisa's birth as calculated from her given age at the time of her death. If Louisa was born between 12 and 31 Dec., 1796, it may be possible to narrow things down further. For although in her diary Louisa doesn't mention the birthday of so much as one rnember of her family, it doesn't seem likely she could fail to record her own--unless she happened to be away at the time, which is the case between 5 and 18 Dec. when she was in Halifax, and 28 and 29 Dec. when she was in Dartmouth. So if she was born between 12 and 31 Dec., 1796, it may be more accurate to say that it was between the 12th and the 18th or on the 28th or 29th.

(Louisa was m. 21 Sept. 1816 at Dartmouth to Thomas Ott Beamish--b. ca.1781, d. 18 Aug. 1860--son of Thomas and Amelia (Mason) Beamish, of Halifax. D. 1 April 1869, "aged 72 years.")

3) Charlotte Susan Collins, aged 16.

B. 8 July 1799. (M. 10 Nov. 1821 at Colin Grove to Jonathan Elliot--b. 28 June 1797, d. 14 April 1867--son of Jonathan and Almy (Greene) Elliot and step-son of Nathaniel Russell. D. 28 Jan. 1890.)

4) Mary Ann Collins, aged ca.14.

(M. 3 March 1827 at Dartmouth to William H. Reeves, carpenter--b. 1799, d. 1891. Mary Ann seems to have d. at Chester ca.1837.)

5) Phebe Parker Collins, aged ca.11.

Bapt. 14 Dec. 1805. (D. 10 Nov. 1822, aged 18, unm.)

6) Jane Augusta Collins, aged ca.7.

Bapt. 30 July 1808. (M., first, 4 Dec. 1824 at Colin Grove to Stephen Elliot--b. 13 April 1801, d. 8 Nov. 1826-son of Jonathan and Almy (Greene) Elliot and step-son of Nathaniel Russell; secondly, 30 May 1829 at Brook House to Alexander Coleman--b. 13 Aug. 1797, d. 5 Aug. 1862--son of Seth and Deborah (Swain) Coleman, of Nantucket and Dartmouth. D. 7 April 1867 at Dartmouth.)

7) Georgiana Harriet Collins, aged 3.

B. 16 Nov. 1811. (M. 10 Feb. 1831 to her cousin Hood McKenzie Clifford--b. 12 May 1809, d. 22 Oct. 1866--son of Dr. John D. and Elizabeth (Collins) Clifford, of Halifax. D. 1 May 1891.)

8) Joanna Maria Collins, aged 9 months.

B. 24 Nov. 1814. (D. unm.)

All of these receive mention in the diary. At the same time, there is no mention of any brothers. It is possible that there were brothers and other sisters; but nothing is known of them.