Catherine (Cleverly) Prescott, aged 54. 

B. 1760, dau. of Rev. Cleverly. M. 21 Aug. 1785 to John Prescott, b. 20 Nov. 1760 at Halifax, son of Jonathan Prescott, M.D., of Halifax and Chester, and of Anne (Blagden) Prescott. Catherine and John live at Maroon Hall (for which, see Lawson 1893, pp. 176-84); they have renamed it Mount Cleverly. They have six children, none of whom is as yet married. (D. 12 Feb. 1851. Her husband d. 23 Aug. 1820.)

Louisa's use here of "Mrs. Prescott's," rather than, e.g., "Mr. Prescott's" or "The Prescotts'," is her typical way of referring to the farms or homes of her friends and neighbours. On the few occasions when she does use "Mr." instead of "Mrs.," it is often her father who is visiting (see references to "Mr. Allen's" in S16, S20, N28, and J19) or (as when she refers to "Mr. Allen's" in S30) she may think of the wife as not being home. (On two occasions, when referring to the residences of persons who apparently do not own land, Louisa does not use an apostrophe. See under O8n1 .)

Though the practice (of viewing the home as the woman's) is typical of Louisa, it's not unique to her. It is also typical of her grandfather, Robert Collins, in his diaries written in the 1790's.