I.e., Russell's Lake.

This could be either of two lakes so named, a little one and a big one. (The latter would come to be known as Morris Lake; the former would retain the name Russell's Lake--or, as it is designated on modern maps, "Russell Lake.")

They are named after Nathaniel Russell, Loyalist from Boston, who owns a large farm on the south side of the Cole Harbour Road opposite Colin Grove. He is the father of Mary Russell, tragically stabbed to death in 1798 by her ex-fiance Thomas Bambridge (see Lawson 1893, pp. 125-30).

According to Martin (1957, p. 112), within a few years of that tragic event Nathaniel Russell lost his wife Mary and another daughter, Rebecca:

"Neither of these ladies survived the shock of Mary Russell's tragic end. Both fretted so much over the affair that they died broken-hearted."
In 1808 Nathaniel was married again--this time to Almy (Greene) Elliot (b. 1764, d. 1846), widow of Jonathan Elliot and dau. of Thomas Greene of Rhode Is. and Dartmouth, Quaker preacher, and of Mercy (Cook) Greene. (To her second marriage, Almy Elliot brought a large number of children, two of whom would later marry Collins girls--see A26n1 . Nathaniel Russell d. 4 Jan. 1831, aged 85.)