Sarah Collins, aged 38.

B. 2 June 1777, 2nd dau. of Robert and Sarah (Wisdom) Collins, of Halifax and Colin Grove. Her fiance--despite an age difference between them of 16 years--is the young man who accompanies her and the Miss Prescotts to Colin Grove, their brother Jonathan. (M. 26 Sept. 1816 to Jonathan Prescott--b. 5 Sept. 1793, d. 19 March 1848--son of John and Catherine (Cleverley) Prescott, of Maroon Hall. D. 27 Feb. 1869.)

Where Sarah Collins lives is not clear. When her father Robert died in 1812, he left half of Colin Grove to her and to her younger sister Susan. But as they sold their half to their brother Stephen in 1813 (for 500 pounds), it would seen likely that, if they were still living at Colin Grove at that time, they would have moved out after the sale. (Certainly, if they live at Colin Grove now, they must keep a low profile; for Susan isn't mentioned at all, and Sarah, only this once.) Likely Sarah lives in Halifax--which is the place of residence given by her as yet unmarried sister Susan on a deed of mortgage signed in 1819 (Stephen Collins, of Dartmouth, to Susan Collins, of Halifax, spinster). Halifax is also where their elder sister the widow Clifford lives. In any event, it would seem that Sarah is currently sojourning at Maroon Hall.