That would be Sally and her younger sister Mary Stayner Allen, aged 13 (b. 14 July 1802)

—or some of their cousins, like Sarah Ann Allen; Sarah Ann's younger sister Margaret Tidmarsh Allen, aged 13 (b. 16 Sept. 1802); Eliza Allen; Elisa's younger sister Rebecca Allen, aged 13 (b. 12 Feb. 1802). Possibly even Sally's older sister Joanna Brinley. (Mary Stayner Allen d. at Brookfield 26 Jan. 1886, unm. Margaret Tidmarsh Allen d. 12 Feb. 1885, unm. Rebecca Allen was m. 30 Dec. 1826 at Dartmouth to her cousin Richard Allen, son of John and Sarah (Stayner) Allen; she d. 14 Sept. 1866.)