(MS has "Ingles"--cf. "Ingals" in N19n1 .)

The Rev. Charles Ingles, aged 35, is the

" . . . son of Rev. Henry Ingles, D.D., vicar of Easton, near Winchester, England, a former headmaster of Rugby, and Mary Chamberlayne, his wife, and was born on March 11th, 1780, at Macclesfield. His grandfather, Rev. Anthony Ingles, was also vicar of Easton. He was educated at Eton, and, coming to Nova Scotia, he matriculated at King's College, Windsor, in 1807, and took his B.A. degree in 1811. He was ordained deacon by Bishop Charles Inglis on Nov. l0th [1811], and married, two days before Christmas the same year, Hannah, daughter of Lawrence Hartshorne." (Vernon 1917 , p.51)
When, later, Rev. Ingles became rector of Christ Church, Dartmouth (see Nl9nl ), he opened a boarding school for boys at Brook House (which estate is mentioned in A17n7 and S8n1 ). One of his pupils was the nephew of Thomas Beamish--the historian and archivist Thomas Beamish Akins (mentioned in O8n4 ). (See Vernon, p.59.) In 1825 Rev. Ingles was appointed to St. George's parish in Sydney, where he laboured until 1853. He died in England in 1862.