The Floyers were a very old English family, whose lineage will be found in Burkeís Landed Gentry of Great Britain, (6th edition, 1879, vol. I , pp. 575-576). If Margaret Floyer was a sister of Lieut Floyer, she must have been a daughter of William Floyer, of Retsby(?), County Lincoln, and of Athelhampton, Dorset, who married in 1752, Frances, daughter and co-heir of Edward Ayscoghe, of Louth, County Lincoln, and who died in 1759. According to a letter of John Waite to J. B. Robie, (March, 1817,) now before me, it is claimed that Margaretís brother and sisters then living, were Ann Floyer and Richard Floyer of Claxby, and Jane, wife of John Waite. Another brother, Edward, had been dead for some timeóEd.