Her grave is a little south of the centre of the cemetery, which is just to the north-west of "Brook House." A horizontal slab, measuring about 3½ ft. by 7½ ft. by 5 inches, and apparently of freestone, marks the spot where she lies, healed forever of the fever of this life. In the summer, the Marguerites peep over the stone, and read their name and hers in the deep lettering: "Sacred | to the Memory of | Margarett [sic] Floyer | A Native of England. | Died the 8th Decr. 1815 | Aged 60 years." As will be seen by a note on page 139, the year and day of her death are not correct in this inscription ; she died 9th December, 1814, and was buried at one o’clock, Sunday, 11th December.—Ed.