His full name was William Floyer. He was a lieutenant in the first battalion of His Majesty’s Sixtieth or Royal American Regiment of Foot, his commission being dated 17th March, 1779 (Vide Army List). The Lieutenant purchased from Samuel King 31½ acres of land on the southern side of the Old Preston Road, and 27 acres on the opposite side of the highway. This was by deed dated 14th August, 1786 (Lib. 27, fol. 55, Registrar of Deeds Office); and the price was £250. On the 20th of the same month, he sold the whole of these two lots of land, for £250, to Margaret Floyer of Dartmouth, "widow" (Lib. 30, fol. 393). On 2nd January, 1789, the whole of this land was mortgaged by Lieut. Floyer and Margaret Floyer, "single woman," to S. S. Blowers for £100 (Lib. 27, fol. 114). On 30th April, 1795, (Lib 31, fol. 261), the plot on the northern side of the road with the exception of one acre at the corner where the cross-road is now situated, was sold to J. Stayner, Alexander and Ebenezer Allen for £150 ; but strange to say we afterwards find Margaret Floyer, "widow," mortgaging the whole of the 58½ acres to Thomas N. Jeffery, on 12th June, 1807, for £100 (Lib. 37, fol. 441). Lieut. F1oyer's name last appears on the deed of 30th April, 1795. He must have left the province soon after that time—at anyrate before 1801. The remainder of the deeds registered under the name Floyer are: Margaret Floyer to Theophilus Chamberlain, conveys Lot 12, Letter F, 3 acres, in Preston, dated 10th March, 1801 (Lib. 34, fol. 421); T. Chamberlain to M. Floyer, 50 acres in Preston, 10th June, 1801 (Lib. 35, fol. 39); T. Chamberlain to M. Floyer, 20 acres in Preston, 6th May, 1803 (Lib. 36, fol. 215); M. Floyer to Thomas Donaldson, 50 acres in Preston, 15th February, 1812 (Lib. 40, fol. 134.)—Ed.