I think Mrs. Lawson made a mistake regarding the illumination, as there is no mention of it in any newspaper I have seen. On the evening of 21st November, however, there was an illumination of Halifax to celebrate Nelson’s victory in Aboukir Bay. It may have been that Miss Russell left her home to witness the effects of a violent gale which had occurred on September 25th. Mr. York, who is eighty-five years of age, says that his father met Bembridge when the latter was going to Mr. Russell’s. Bembridge’s house is said to have been on the south side of the Cole Harbour Road, and about a mile eastward of the Russell’s place. The road near there is known as Break-Heart Hill. The young man who walked home with Miss Russell was William Bell, who I have been told was then a ferryman at the Lower or Creighton’s Ferry.—Ed.