(MS has "Mr. Ingals.")

Likely Charles Ingles (rector of the Established Church at Chester) who later (2 Dec.) appears at Colin Grove to baptize Louisa's two youngest sisters. In Sept. 1817, this same Charles Ingles would be appointed the first rector of Christ Church, the first Anglican church in Dartmouth, the cornerstone of which was laid 9 July of that same year.

Where "church" is being held this November morning, is open to speculation. A possible site is the residence of Lawrence Hartshorne Sr., called "Poplar Hill" (for a photo of which and further information, see Martin 1957, p. 536). In 1811, a year before being appointed to Chester, Rev. Ingles was married by Bishop Charles Inglis (no relation--and note the difference in the spellings of the two names) to Hartshorne's daughter Hannah. For more on Charles Ingles, see D2n5 .

A more likely site would be the old Quaker Meeting House on Quarrell Street at King Street--which is known to have been used by the Anglicans for Sabbath services while Christ Church was being built. It was used for other purposes as well. In 1814 it was lent by the Quakers for use as a branch of Walter Bromley's "Acadian Schoo1" at Halifax. Trustees of the Dartmouth school were Jonathan Tremaine, Seth Coleman, Robert Hartshorne, and Lawrence Hartshorne. (Quarrell Street would later be called Queen Street. The Meeting House stood at the northeast corner of the intersection.)