In the MS, the first three entries for Nov. were originally headed "November the 2," "November the 3," and "November the 4"; and later the numbers "1," "2," and "3" were respectively superimposed on them--apparently by Louisa herself.

Judging from the context, it would appear that the first of these entries was made on 2 Nov. for 1 Nov. But then, having originally and legitimately dated that entry "November the 2," Louisa went on to date mistakenly what should have been the second part of that entry (her doings on that day itself) as "November the 3" and to date mistakenly the entry for the following day as "November the 4."

By 4 Nov., it appears she realized something was wrong and then went back and changed the dates for all three entries--instead of changing the date for the last entry to 3 Nov. and incorporating the first two under 2 Nov.