H.M.S. Akbar.

On 31 Aug. this ship was caught in a storm off New York. On 9 Sept. it made it to Halifax, along with some other vessels similarly stricken.
"Saturday afternoon, Sept. 9-arr. H.M. ship Acbar, Capt. Bullen, from a cruise off Newyork. On the 31st ult. lost her main-mast, &c. in a gale. Messrs. Haswell and Marley, midshipmen, were killed; and midshipman Whidden, and several seamen wounded, by the falling of the Acbar's mast.

"Same Day--arr. H.M. ship Narcissus, Hon. Capt. Croitou, from a cruise off the American coast. --A few days before her arrival here, fell in with the American sch. Happy-Couple, from Salem for Gibraltar, in distress, and rendered her assistance.-- Also, arr. brig Hiram, Smith, 13 days from Baltimore; sch. Valparisa, Bell, 13 days from New-York, with the loss of her main-mast, &c. in the gale of the 31st ult."

—Acadian Recorder, Sat., 16 Sept. 1815.

(As 9 Sept. is the date Louisa reports on the arrival from New York of Captain Osborn, it is possible he arrived that very day on one of the above mentioned vessels--perhaps on the Valparisa if he is the merchant mentioned in S9n1 , or on one of the war ships if he is, e.g., a captain of marines.)