As things turn out, Mr. B. and Eliza stay over.

Whether Louisa's hopes for bundling rested on the arrival of any more overnight guests, isn't clear. At any rate, this isn't the first time she reports two overnight guests at Colin Grove. On 27 Aug. Thomas Beamish and George Coleman stay over, taking Louisa's bed and forcing her to sleep elsewhere. They do the same thing on 24 Sept.

The fact that this evening's guests are not of the same sex may be what prompts Louisa's speculations about bundling--Thomas joining Louisa, and Eliza presumably sleeping where Louisa finds accommodation when Thomas and George stay over.

The following day, Louisa does not say if the anticipated happened. Nor, when a male guest (albeit not Thomas Beamish) and a female guest stay over on 19 Nov., does she give any clue about the sleeping arrangements on that occasion.