Evidently Louisa's father and mother, aged 42 and ca. 38 respectively.

It seems that "the two old people" can not be her grandparents, for her father's father and mother are both dead (Robert Collins having died 26 March 1812 and his wife Sarah (Wisdom) Collins, two months earlier on 31 Jan. 1812); and although Louisa's maternal grandmother Parnal (Gardner) Coffin is living, it seems her husband Reuben Coffin died after he and his wife moved back to Nantucket--she apparently came back to Dartmouth after that to reside with her eldest daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Brown Coleman. If Parnal Coffin is currently visiting Colin Grove, Louisa gives no notice of her arrival or departure--as she does later (on 14 Oct.) when she comes up to "spend some time" and (on 28 Oct.) when she goes back to Dartmouth.