I.e., by the Cole Harbour Road.

As it is likely that Mrs. E. Allen lives in one of the "Allen houses" between the Tanyard and Brook House or at Ebenezer Allen Sr.'s (See Louisa's Neighbourhood) going "round the road"would be the long way to that destination.

Apparently, the girls are out as much for the exercise and scenery as for other purposes. Whether their access to the road is by the more direct "avenue" or by the path that comes out at Breakheart Hill--once on the Cole Harbour Road, they would have walked westward to the fork and then cut back up the Old Preston Road, stopping briefly at Mrs. Frost's along the way.

A shorter way to Mrs. E. Allen's would be the path running along the line between the Brook House and Mount Edward estates. That path comes out on the Old Preston Road just east of the Tanyard. No doubt the shortest route of all, particularly if Mrs. E. Allen lives at Ebenezer Allen Sr.'s, would involve taking a shortcut going through D'anseville Grove or skirting its edges.