The location of Nan's Hill (or possibly "Nau's Hill") is not known.

But it seems likely that it would be on the Cole Harbour Road, that road being the oldest and shortest route between Colin Grove and Dartmouth.

Possibly it is the hill which shortly after 1815 would come to be known as Bose's Hill (see Plan of Dartmouth, ca. 1820 ), named after Christian Bose, who in 1816 purchased a farm on the south side of the Cole Harbour Road (now Portland Street--the site of the farm being opposite the present Penhorn Mall).

That hill would be a likely place for Louisa to turn back, as it is about a third of the way between Colin Grove and Eliza's home and from that point the land falls all the way to Dartmouth--that is, after the road descends into a shallow depression, crosses a small brook by means of "Folly Bridge," and ascends a hill, slightly less elevated than Bose's Hill, a hundred yards west of the latter.

The original owner of the Bose farm was James Creighton Sr., who held it till his death in 1813. As one of his daughters was named Nancy, it is possible the hill was named for her or for some event connected with her.

If the name is "Nau's Hill," it may have been named after the German surnames "Nau" or "Naas." Perhaps a farmer with one of these names occupied part of the Maynard property--the part directly across the road from the farm that another man of German extraction, Christian Bose, occupied before he bought it for himself. As the wife of Christian Bartlin (whose land formed the north bound of Maynard's property) was Anna Maria Naas (or "Naus") before she was married, it is not difficult to imagine that there may have been others of that name in the area.