Mr. Coleman is very likely Seth Coleman, the father of Mrs. Macy (see S4n2) and of Louisa's uncle by marriage, John Brown Coleman, both of whom along with the rest of his family he brought from Nantucket to Dartmouth in the mid 1780's in the Quaker Whalers' migration.

Seth Coleman is 71.

B. 1 May 1744 at Sherborne, the old name for the town of Nantucket, Mass., son of Barnabas and Rachel (Hussey) Coleman. M. 29 Dec. 1768 to Deborah Swain, dau. of Reuben and Elizabeth (Howland) Swain. A man of ability and dependability: In 1801, when Governor Wentworth received word that "a man and a woman of wicked character have been landed [at Sable Island] for the infamous inhuman purpose of plundering, robbing and causing ship wrecks," (see Trider 1985, p.135) it was Seth Coleman that the Governor commissioned to investigate and remedy the situation. And in 1814, when smallpox broke out in the Dartmouth area, "Sir John Wentworth induced Mr. Seth Coleman to vaccinate all the poor persons in Dartmouth and throughout the township of Preston adjoining. He treated over four hundred cases with great success. He was a model of piety, industry and general philanthropy." (Beamish Murdoch 1867, Vol.3, p. 369) "Among his many aptitudes, it was said that he could hurl a harpoon with deadly accuracy, build a whaleboat, . . . heal the sick, keep accurate accounts and could reverently read aloud passages from Scripture." (Martin 1957, p. 138)

For the location of Seth Coleman's house, see A27n5. As Louisa is in Dartmouth for the afternoon and much of the evening, she likely would be using John Brown Coleman's home as her base. (D. 20 March 1822 at Nantucket.)