Probably Mary Coleman, aged 21.

B. 23 Aug. 1794, youngest dau. of Seth and Deborah (Swain) Coleman, of Nantucket and Dartmouth. She is the aunt of Eliza Coleman and of Miss Macy and evidently a friend of Louisa. (This latter statement receives support in an interesting letter, the original of which is at the Public Archives of Nova Scotia—MG 100, Vol. 123, No. 34—from Mary Coleman, dated Nantucket, 22 April 1818, to her niece Eliza, in which she mentions Louisa and a number of other persons who either appear in Louisa's diary or are closely connected with those who do. In the same letter, Mary Coleman refers to her boyfriend: "The next time I write I will tell you about my beau. I believe he is catching whales now round the Cape." Whether he made it back safely is not known. But Mary never married. She died at Dartmouth just two and a half years later, on 21 Nov. 1820--three days before the death of her older sister Rebecca, wife of William Allen.

See letter from Mary Coleman to Eliza Coleman.)