The Milk Boy

It is not clear whether the milk boy is attached to Colin Grove or whether he simply picks up milk from farms in the area including Colin Grove. However, the fact that on many occasions he delivers Louisa's notes (see, besides present entry, S25, 012, 017, 022, N3, N10, J19) and, on one occasion, even brings some material to Colin Grove for her (see N7) may suggest he is a Colin Grove hired hand; for if he were doing the same for many households, one wonders if he would have time for anything else.

He evidently sets out from Colin Grove in early evening (see S25, also O12, O17, N10), after the second milking of the day, and takes the day's surplus production to Halifax--judging from the fact that eight of the nine times he receives mention, he is taking Louisa's note to Harriet. The other time he is mentioned is the time he arrives at Colin Grove from Halifax with some things for Louisa and Maria (see N7, mentioned above). This takes place in the evening. Likely he is returning after having made a milk delivery to Halifax earlier in the evening. If that is the case, then it seems certain he is attached to Colin Grove. The identity of the milk boy is not known.