This may be Captain John Osborn, of Halifax, mariner and merchant.

Over the past seven or eight years, at least, Captain John Osborn has owned schooners engaged in international and interprovincial trade (schooners like the Olive, Broke, Blockade, and Liverpool--which latter arrived in Halifax only three days ago after a voyage from St. Andrew's) and who during the War of 1812 operated a cartel vessel--transporting American prisoners back to the U.S. and perhaps picking up prisoners held in that country and bringing them back to Halifax.

Although Halifax is his base of operations and his stated place of residence, it is not clear whether he has ever owned real estate there except for a short period. On 12 April 1810 he purchased for 3500 pounds a valuable wharf and water lot, just a few blocks north of Market Wharf, from Edward and Elizabeth Wisdom--which on 1 Feb. 1813 he and wife Mary Osborn sold to John Starr for the same amount. After that, it seems, he preferred to rent accommodation. There is a good possibility that he currently resides in a house formerly owned and occupied by Charles R. Prescott and now belonging to Hannah Ward, located next to her residence on the east side of Hollis St. near Goverment House. (In 1817 he would be sued by Hannah Ward, widow of Edmund Ward, for failing to pay her 100 pounds rent money for the use of a "dwelling house"--likely the one mentioned above, which she purchased from Charles Prescott 31 July 1813. A much more serious law suit, brought by William Sutherland, would put John Osborn in severe financial straits. By 1818 he would be listed as an absent and absconding debtor--a fate which 15 or 20 years earlier had befallen another sea captain and merchant who found himself in similar circumstances, the father of Thomas Ott Beamish, Thomas Beamish Sr.)