[Tuesday] August the 15 [1815]
The dairy, as usual, takes up most of my morning on Tuesdays, and after finishing there I picked a basket of black currants for Miss Beamish. -- In the afternoon I sewed a little while and then went out and raked hay. I wrote a note to my friend Harriet this evening. -- And Aunt Clifford's girl and her sister have been over all day picking currants. -- Mama is now tying up her radishes and turnips for market tomorrow morning. As that don't belong to my part of the work, I have left her to herself. -- We have had a fine day today. I shall retire early tonight, for I feel quite tired after my days work, and call for nature's sweet restorer balmly sleep--how refreshing are thy downy pinions to the toiling labourer who lays him down in peace, where no grisly phantom haunts his brain of some black and guilty deeds.