[Thursday] August the 17 [1815]
I was very busy all the morning with house work. -- In the afternoon I went with Mrs. Beamish and picked some berries. -- When we returned home, we found Mrs. Allen here. After tea the evening was so beautiful I walked home with her. We met Mrs. Brinley. We all went up there with her and g__________ts and cream. We then went and took a walk as far as the ber________________. As we returned, we stopped in at Mrs. Potts's and rapped at her window, which gave her a little alarm. We had a good romp with her and then left her. Mrs. Brinley and Sally came part the way home with C. and me as we had no beau. We were to give the signal to each other, when out of danger, by a loud scream--which we did. It has been very warm today but not very clear. The evening is remarkable pleasant with a beautiful full moon.