[Wednesday] August the 30 [1815]
As it was quite late last night when I came home, I had not time to write down yesterday's work. -- I was very busy making wine near all day--and butter. -- In the afternoon, I picked some berries and then went to Mrs. Allen's to tea. -- I met Mrs. Brinley coming over to see me, but she insisted on my going with her. -- In the evening we went over to Mrs. Potts's and had a __________ romp. Sally was dressed as a little Dutchman and introduced as Mrs. P's beau.

Today I have been busy making hay till I was very tired. After dinner, Aunt Elizabeth came up, and Mr. Beamish. -- Mama and Aunt were picking currants all the afternoon, and Mr. B. and me took care of Joanna. -- I have worked a small piece of trimming today besides making hay. -- Mr. Beamish brought me a note from Harriet. -- And I wrote a short one to her. -- I hope my friend Thomas is near his journey's end, for the night looks very dark. How often do I wish there was a bridge across the harbour that I might see my friends without any danger. -- Papa has been to town today. It grows late and I feel more inclined to sleep than write. -- I now hear the ferry horn blowing and the night is very dark, which makes it sound quite melancholy. -- Heaven grant that my friend may get over safe.