[Sunday] November the 12 [1815]
Sunday morning. I have just returned from a visit to Mrs. Allen's , where I spent last evening and night with Mrs. Brinley. -- Papa came for me, but Sally and myself were so engaged at backgammon that we could not part till she beat me. But she had to give up, and I came off conqueror.

I have spent my day reading Self-Control. -- In the afternoon, Betsy and Charlotte went to Mrs. Allen's. -- Mr. A. came over here in the afternoon. He wished me to join the party, but I declined going till after tea. -- Papa went to the door with me. -- I found quite a party seated round the tea table--Eliza and her two brothers, Miss S. Allen and her brother. -- We amused ourselves in the evening playing "Cat Catch the Rat ." Mr. Allen came home with us.