[Sunday] October the 1 [1815]
Sunday morning the girls came up and dined with us--Harriet and Maria, Mr. Beamish and Salter. We spent our day sewing and walking. I went home with the girls. We had a very disagreeable time over; the boat was crowded with blacks and the wind blew very hard. When we arrived, we found Mr. and Mrs. Osburn. -- Mrs. Beamish gave us a dish of hot coffee, which was very acceptable after our long walk. We retired early. -- Monday morning and we spent the most of our day walking. -- Tuesday we went but to Shefrow's to tea. -- Wednesday, came home; Harriet and Mr. B. came with me. Harriet and myself have been out with Thomas gunning. -- We have been sitting by the kitchen fire all the evening. -- Harriet is now sitting by me while I write. -- I feel my eyes drawing together, and I think it is time to retire. So adieu to writing.